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You’re Calculating Contracts Wrong for your Agency

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Winning a deal should mean something substantial after taxes remember you still got to pay taxes on all stuff so that’s their mentality right the sales person’s mentality isn’t like I get a thousand bucks it’s like I get 600 or whatever that is right think through that understand that and then say your number now some things I learned now I only pay commissions on contracted bookings so if you sell let’s say a 12-month contract for a hundred thousand dollars I’m not going to give you one percent of a hundred thousand I’m gonna give you one percent of what you’ve contracted so in the terms if you essentially gave them a rolling 30-day out clause I’ll pay you for how many months we had them

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I run an agency in the low-mid seven figures. But I work with Garrett in order to get to eight-figures. When you work with people who have done exactly what you want to do, you will get there faster.


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