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You Need to Be Using Tiers for Your Accounts

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Unfortunately I have found the CMO of VMware doesn’t want to talk to a 23 year old SDR and in other words we were kind of burning up a lot of our funnel we weren’t able to match the type of
account to the type of salesperson so we started to use chili Piper for routing so essentially what we would do is we would tier all the accounts so we’re using our customer generation approach
which you’re going to hear more about or if you haven’t already and we would essentially filter in what tier you were so if you were a big account we would send you to let’s say your top AE and if you were a really small account we might send you to an SDR so the first things you want to do with this is just make sure you can match kind of like sales seniority or talent to prospect size or seniority so that you get the right people talking to each other so that’s pretty important.

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