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The #1 Reason You’re Losing Deals

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I think one of the biggest things people don’t do in a pitch is talk price you got to talk price in the pitch there’s a moment where I get to look you in the eye when I tell you the price or let your eyes see the price and I can see your reactions very hard for you to hide it I can tell you I can see instantly if you think it’s expensive if you think it’s cheap if you’re totally fine with it and I call this the iceberg we’ve talked about this before in other videos when I’m working and doing sales sales is like an iceberg and I’m trying to melt as much or lower the water as much as I can to unveil as much as the iceberg I don’t want to be the Titanic you know I don’t want to sink and I think a lot of deals frankly early in my career I lost I didn’t know why what I’m always trying to do now as a salesperson is never not know why I didn’t win a deal and one of the best ways to cover the number one reason why most of us lose deals is price.

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I run an agency in the low-mid seven figures. But I work with Garrett in order to get to eight-figures. When you work with people who have done exactly what you want to do, you will get there faster.


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