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Should I do free audits/strategies to win client business at my agency?

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Hey y’all so I’ve been on Twitter. I don’t know. I live on Twitter. I follow all the other agency, people and everybody in our industry.

And there’s reoccurring theme comes up when you’re in agency, Twitter world, which is, do I pitch like do audits for free?

When I pitch, like, do I do free work? When I try to win business, now I can give you two answers.

The honest answer and the answer, um, the wrong people tell you now the wrong people will tell you never do strategy for free.

Never do audits for free. Like you worked your whole life to build this company and you have all this amazing value to give it away for free cheapens, everything you do.

Okay. That’s one way to look at it. I don’t. Yeah, I could see now you can believe that. And then we can go head to head in a pitch and I am going to do everything free of charge for the client to win the business.

And I will win every time that competition part of me wants to tell you, yeah man, like, or gal, whoever, like just don’t pitch, right?

Like, yeah. You’re worth more. The truth is, is, you know, I need to pitch. If you want to learn business, like if you want to seriously compete with the other shops, you need to be better at the thing, the client experiences, not the thing you’re telling them, the trust you about.

In other words, a lot of agencies believe customers should just trust them. And then a lot of customers get burned by agencies.
And you’re probably negotiating with one of those customers right now, a customer who doesn’t really trust you. Heck you might have clients who still don’t trust you.

The truth is, is agencies have given customers a bad taste in their mouth because a lot of us never charged enough.

And because we never charged enough the agency, we started it. Isn’t the agency we have today. And the work product we believe we ship is not the work product or client’s experience.

Thus, they don’t love us. It’s not rocket science. We all struggle with this in the agency game. My point of all of this is simple.

Clients have this idea that the value you give them in the sales process is indicative of the value they’ll receive after the sales process.

And so if you’re competing and you don’t want to pitch and do a ton of work hours of work, building proposal decks, driving strategy, doing wive audits and walk-throughs and showing them opportunities, because either you think they should pay for it, you’re worth more.

Whatever reason I can almost guarantee you there’s someone like me on the other end of that negotiation and competition and competition, who’s willing to do anything to win the business.

And clients believe that agencies will do anything to win the business will do anything to keep the business. And it’s true.

I will, I will literally do anything to try to keep the business that competitive nature allows us to win. And so what I wanna encourage you to do today is ask yourself, how could our pitching process be more efficient if we’re gonna pitch, how do we do it efficiently?

What’s the standard of our pitch? Cause whatever that stated, one of our pitches, it’s the expectation that we’ve created in the client’s mind of what our business is about.

So if your pitch is worse than your services, you gotta fix it simultaneously. If your pitch is better than your services, you got to fix that too.
Either way. It creates a measuring stick. You’re either not measuring up or you’re over measuring to what you’re able to deliver on.

So find that medium ground, that happy place and try to make your pitch process like that. But you got to do the work to win the business.

Hopefully that helps. And thanks have a great day.

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