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Pitching at Directive – Driving Strategic Growth

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All right. Well, let’s talk pitching and let’s talk winning new business, growing existing accounts. How we do it, what we like to do. This is a pitch for one of the largest software companies in the world. And we won the pitch, I think it was over half a million dollar deal. So what? Well, was successful. And I want to use this as just a outline of kind of how you can think about winning business.

And if you’re not winning contracts like that, I think it will be helpful to see what it’s like and what it takes to win ones like that. I started with $500 a month or $200, and most customers. So I definitely know what I used to do versus what we have to do now. And hopefully, you know, I never got to see anything like this when we were super small and when we were trying to grow.

So hopefully this can help some people. So this is how we win business. We put a lot of effort into it. If you watched some of my other videos, I talk about how we have a two person team. One person is the salesperson. The other person is the subject matter expert. I like to take the subject matter expert from operations.

Usually someone who’s a T-shaped marketer. Very strategic. Very eloquent. Good with customers. Bring them over and make a pod team. So I got the salesperson and then I’ve got the subject matter expert. Okay, now we like to do table of contents. Just so the customer knows, we’re going to be talking about how long each is going to be, confirm their hard stop and make sure that we keep the tempo of our conversation so that we get to the pricing slides before the end.

Because of that, it usually takes about 30 slides per hour. This deck has like 50 slides. So we took an hour and a half to 2 hours of the customer. But because they’re a massive, publicly traded company that made sense, we had a vision slide to kind of show them what we’re going to do for them and how.

I wouldn’t say this is our best vision slide, to be honest. But it is important to have a vision slide. Usually we do this in more paragraph format, convert to this example, which is more designed. Notice all the design of this pitch is in their own branding. This is not an RFP pitch. This is a form filled pitch.

So filled out our form. We want to win their business. I always assume they’re talking to two other competitors and they’re the best in the world. I never think it’s a bad competitor or competitor. I’m going up up against the two best agencies in the world. I’m assuming they have better pricing. I’m assuming they have better terms. And I am going to win by just being better at my craft and demonstrating more value.

And I’m going to close them at a higher rate with more valuable terms to myself. And I’m going to win this business. I’m going to do that through a hard pitch. So first, we’re going to talk notice not much about ourselves, right? There wasn’t like 14 slides talking about how many awards we’ve won, talking about how great we are.

We at this stage in our growth, we kind of just assume, you know, we’re the best and we’re not going to the more we have to tell you that we’re the best, the less you might believe us. So we’re gonna get right into the work in this case and show you what the value is. Now, before we were at this size, we always showed great results and stuff in the beginning and a lot about us.

Now I try to get right into them, so I’ve kind of changed that over the years. These are all the specifics slides. This is the template. There’s not many templates slides in here is a specific slide. So when I say a specific slide, it’s a slide that is still tempo teased but with specific information and copy to them.

So it’s still a template in the sense that I have this layout with the laptop and stuff, but it’s not a template in the sense that all the copy is unique to them as well as the screenshots as well as we’re highlighting. And then we do try to bring it to life like we found the keywords, including the term software, result in the cost for marketing qualified lead of $400 lower than the account average.

However, impression share and click share are below 10%. That is an inefficiency. That’s a huge value prop and we’ve already identified that for them. Me see at the eighth slide. So it’s early value in this pitch and I’ve got your attention from there where you are talking about not only search but now I see. Oh, so we’re essentially cross integrating and cross-selling you at this point to show how SEO and paid media can work together tactically.

We’re doing that not only because it’s helpful for our customer and we do believe it’ll drive them better results. But also selfishly, we’re doing it to grow our average order value, increase our stickiness and retain the customer and get them better results.

We’re using some third party tools here, like Spy specifically just to show the competitive landscape. We’re looking at things that are a little more high level, which is like, okay, you’re advertising for commercial intent, but the SERP has informational content or Hey, you have informational intent on a search engine results page. You need commercial intent. So we’re trying to stay a little bit strategic and macro because we’re most likely talking to a director or a VP or CMO right now.

And frankly, they don’t know. Like, they they don’t they’re in the ad account. They know what the ad account is supposed to do, but they don’t know maybe what bid management style should be. Employ, nor do they care. Right. So it’s this balance of like being very specific and making the current person on the other side of the call who may or may not be managing their advertising or their marketing, not look bad, but also show that they need you.

And that’s a healthy little juggling act to balance. Like you can’t just be like your crap. Everything you do is stupid, like you’re failing, but you also have to be, say, like, wow, you know, we did find some exciting opportunities. Now we are doing great in these three campaigns. We love what you’re doing here and here. But, you know, we do see some opportunities over here and you need to find that line of like value creation in without putting people down or making them feel bad about themselves.

And then we want to get into more of the macro, like how are your advertising being consumed? What devices are they on? Right. We’re seeing Web experience resulting in nearly four times cost per conversion when compared to desktop. So like mobile is not working yet a large amount of budgets going to mobile. So kind of more macro level things, but calling them out and really proving our value with specific screenshots.

And I can guarantee you on this pitch, we are not the cheapest, we do not have the best terms, but we did win because we worked the hardest to demonstrate our value in the sales process. This is a bit of a template, a slight bit of a templated slide, templated slide. But you can see kind of how it all comes together.

And then you can see here’s our next section. So we’re talking about paid social, which was obviously a need in our initial call. Once again, we got access to LinkedIn or Facebook and we’re doing a ton of audits once again. So really the whole thing here is to show our value and it also like sell our methodology and our approach.

So you can see here we’re doing manual verification. We’re only using first party data. We don’t do paid social advertising like everyone else. We have a saying here at Directive that whatever you’re selling, you want to sell different, not so that you’re better. So instead of trying to convince people you’re better at X, Y or Z, convince them that you do X, Y and Z differently.

It’s a lot easier to sell that and it helps with pricing. In other words, you don’t want to be the expensive version of the same thing. You want to be the valuable version of a different thing that’s a lot healthier for your clothes, right? So we go through all these slides once again, we have custom brand do it all in their own branding.

This is what the A’s are doing. It’s a ton of work, but they’re not doing the content, they’re just doing the presentation. So the same is doing the doing the content. So this is what it looks like. If you’d like the rest of this deck, sign up for my course. So check out my courses on gear megacon and you’ll be able to see we have an over an hour and a half video.

I’m interviewing our SVP of Strategy who’s involved in all these big pitches. You’ll get to hear how he thinks, how he approaches it, as well as me spending over like an hour walking you through every slide and y. So if you enjoyed this, check out the course. Feel free to go to my website and you know, ask for some coaching if you want to do that.

But love to help. You can always email me Gmail. Good at Gmail and thanks so much. Hopefully this video is helpful and you get to see most of what a high level pitch looks like. So thanks.

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