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Leave Emotion to the End

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That would put the emotionally charged things in the one-on-one at the end if you do it in the beginning you’re going to accidentally bring leftover emotion into things that you didn’t actually emotionally care about and you’re going to confuse the other person they’re going to misappropriate your emotional energy to the wrong parts of their life and their focus areas and their performance because as a human you aren’t able to compartmentalize your emotion throughout the one-on-one because you started with a high emotional Topic in my opinion you should essentially program the Cadence of your one-on-one agenda from least emotional to most emotional so that when you finish an emotional conversation you can then essentially debrief that emotion make sure both people have reconciled their emotion and then move forward

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I run an agency in the low-mid seven figures. But I work with Garrett in order to get to eight-figures. When you work with people who have done exactly what you want to do, you will get there faster.


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