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How I Pitch $100M Companies at my Agency

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How I Sales Pitch To $100M Companies (And Close Them). How To Sales Pitch to large businesses and companies, & close high ticket deals and clients with an effective pitch deck Interested in scaling your agency to $10,000,000+? Do it here https://bit.ly/3nGQrdU I’ll go through how I sales pitch to $100,000,000 companies and large businesses, close deals with them, and sign them as a client. I reveal my pitch deck presentation to one of the biggest software companies in the world and reveal the secrets of how I managed to close them and get them as a client.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner wondering how to pitch to big companies and close them on a deal? In this video, we will cover all the essential tips and techniques you need to know to successfully pitch to corporate clients and close/get those big deals you dream of. I’ll cover what is a good pitch deck, and how can you use it to create a winning pitch. I’ll go over the key elements that should be included in your pitch deck, as well as show you a pitch deck template/structure that I use to close multi 6 figure deals and $100,000,000+ clients. I’ll delve into how to make a pitch deck video presentation that will really impress your potential clients and separate you from your competition. But the real challenge comes when it’s time to close the deal. That’s why I’ll also cover how to close big deals in sales, including sales pitch techniques, examples, and presentation tips. I’ll provide sales training that will teach you how to navigate the negotiation process and seal the deal. By the end of this video, you’ll have all the tools you need to successfully pitch to $100M companies and close them as clients.

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I run an agency in the low-mid seven figures. But I work with Garrett in order to get to eight-figures. When you work with people who have done exactly what you want to do, you will get there faster.


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