It’s incredibly rare to most people who are running $25 million agencies do not take the time to actually pass the ladder down to the people behind them and share their learnings. And this is why this course is so invaluable.”
Sam Shepler
CEO of Testimonial Hero
I would say this is the longest, most sustained, most valuable coaching relationship I’ve had in my 10 years in business.”
Brennen Bliss
CEO of Propellic
Garrett actually opened up the course and had other department heads from his team come in and co-teach with him, and really open up their secret sauce in a lot of ways. I found that to be absolutely invaluable.”
Erik Jacobson
CEO of Hatch


I run an agency in the low-mid seven figures. But I work with Garrett in order to get to eight-figures. When you work with people who have done exactly what you want to do, you will get there faster.


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